Paint Booth Floor Stripper

CMA Paint Booth Floor Stripper

Description: Paint Booth Floor Stripper is a nonflammable stripper designed to remove paint booth floor overspray buildup quickly and safely. It is designed to penetrate paint overspray on floors rapidly and break the paint-floor bond. It also creates rapid breakup of the paint and dries so it can be removed by sweeping or scraping large pieces from the floor. The dry mass, after scraped from the floor, can be swept up and the biodegradable mass discarded in accordance with local, state, and federal laws.

Operational Data: Work area must be well ventilated to conform with OSHA standards. If product has been stored in a very cold environment, please allow product to warm up to room temperature (65F) and shake before use.

To Apply: On floors where paint buildup is one inch or more thick, pour stripper so as to put a thin coat on as much area as quickly as possible. The stripper will be absorbed by the paint buildup and will not spread out on its own. After 5-10 minutes the paint buildup will dissolve and turn into dry granules which can be swept or shoveled. On floors having less than one inch of paint buildup, pour stripper on quickly and spread with a broom. After paint blisters and softens, floor can be swept and washed with water. Oil dry absorbents can be applied to the softened paint to help it dry faster for quicker removal. Discard in accordance with local, state, and federal laws.